What Happens at an Orthodontic Consultation?

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Orthodontic treatment not only improves smiles, but it also helps to maintain oral health and prevent future dental problems. During the orthodontic case consultation, the orthodontist will go over your options for care. This is a great time to ask questions, get answers and decide whether or not to move forward with treatment.

Why is it called orthodontist?

The first step is to review your medical and dental history. This will help the Glow orthodontist consultation to understand any surgeries, mouth injuries or other issues that could influence your orthodontic treatment.

It is also the time to discuss your expectations and goals for your smile. There are many different solutions for straightening teeth, and the orthodontist will explain the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

After the consultation, the orthodontist will take a series of images. These will include pictures of the front and back of your mouth, an intraoral photo, and a digital panoramic radiograph. These will be used to create a model of your mouth and determine if you need any additional diagnostics such as an MRI or a CT scan.

The orthodontist will then give you a summary of your orthodontic needs, the different treatment options and their estimated length of time. The orthodontist may also recommend that you begin treatment that same day if the office is able to schedule your appointment. If you do not begin treatment that same day, the orthodontist will review your insurance and financial arrangements. You will also be required to sign the financial contract and treatment consents at this time.

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