The Jaguar E Type

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jaguar e type

Introducing the Jaguar E type

The jaguar e type is arguably one of the most iconic and famous cars in history. It is a car which has captivated many people around the world and is one of the most beautiful cars to drive.

When the e type jaguar was launched it was designed to have a sports car look with all the amenities of a saloon. This was because it was being used to compete in motor racing events such as the Le Mans 24 hour race and so it needed to be comfortable for drivers and passengers.

However, this meant that it had to sacrifice some of its performance as well. This was especially noticeable in the US where buyers were demanding more comfort and air conditioning from their cars.

The Best Upgrades for Your Jaguar E-Type

But the series 1 E-type wasn’t without its problems and the company decided to rework it to meet the new US emissions regulations that came into force in 1968. The biggest changes were to the chassis and the engine which gave the car a bigger power output – 4.2 litres in the FHC.

It was also modified to meet the new regulations by removing perspex headlamp covers and moving the headlamps forward by 2.5 inches. It was this that caused the most concern, as it meant that it wasn’t as aerodynamic as the earlier model.

As with all Jaguars, the e type has very specific maintenance requirements. It is very important that you give it a full check over by a specialist to ensure everything is working properly and that there are no problems underneath the car.

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