The Importance of Workplace Sensitivity Training

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workplace sensitivity training

Sensitivity training is a course that helps employees understand and accept people who are different from them. This includes people with different races, ethnicities, religions, genders, sexual orientation, and more.

This type of training is a must for companies looking to create a positive work culture that’s devoid of discrimination. It also helps ensure that employees are aware of the types of behaviors that will be considered inappropriate in the workplace.

In addition to teaching employees about the differences between various groups, sensitivity training can also be used to teach them how to better communicate with each other and with their coworkers. In turn, this can help build stronger employee relationships that foster productivity and a positive work environment.

Fostering Inclusivity: The Impact of Workplace Sensitivity Training on Company Culture

Having effective workplace sensitivity training will help reduce instances of workplace harassment, which can have serious consequences for your business. Aside from protecting your employees, having a sensitivity training program in place can make it easier to recruit and retain top talent.

While sensitivity training is important for everyone, it’s particularly valuable for those in leadership roles because they need to be able to lead teams with diverse backgrounds. This includes being able to identify issues of bias, address conflicts and facilitate teamwork with different people.

EdApp’s sensitivity training course, Handling Objections with Emotional Intelligence, covers the skills that every leader should have to navigate these kinds of situations successfully. It includes lessons on active listening, body language, resolving conflict without hurt feelings, and accepting feedback. It’s also designed to be more than just a one-time lesson, since real change requires repetition and reinforcement.

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