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Scamalytics is a London-based company that uses machine learning and real-time fraud detection to eliminate scammers from dating apps. The company works with dating app developers to block scammers before they can defraud real users, preventing chargebacks and saving money for the company.

Scammers are one of the biggest threats to dating apps and online dating services, causing millions of dollars in losses each year. Scammers use fake profiles to defraud their victims and ruin the reputation of dating apps.

Dating scams affect people of all ages, ethnicities, gender and sexual orientation. According to the Federal Trade Commission, singles lost more than $200 million in 2019 from scams associated with dating apps.

There are several ways to avoid dating scams, including not using a website that has not been tested for malware or spyware. It’s also important to educate yourself about the tactics of a scammer, and how to recognize if someone is too good to be true.

Scam Detection Made Simple: An Introduction to the Power of Scamalytics

Using machine learning and real-time detection, Scamalytics checks newly created accounts for common phrases and patterns that they may share with other fraudulent profiles. These data points are then checked against the company’s database of known fraudulent IP addresses and other information to help identify potential problems.

The company also maintains the world’s largest shared scammer blacklist. This includes IP addresses, ISPs, photos, profiles, chat handles and emails used by reported scammers.

Scamalytics also has an IP fraud risk lookup tool and ISP risk reports that can be used by dating services to check the traffic coming through their networks. These reports are updated monthly and based on reported scammer activity across the Scamalytics network.

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