Running Track Resurfacing Near Me

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running track resurfacing near me

A running track is a high-stress, demanding surface that requires tough construction and expert installation. That’s why schools, universities and sports facilities across the Midwest trust MAC to design, build and maintain their running tracks. Our running track construction and resurfacing projects use only laboratory- and time-tested materials from industry leaders. From the asphalt subsurface through the final color coat, MAC’s expert applications will deliver the quality that your athletic athletes expect and demand.Source:

When a track needs resurfacing, the first step is understanding what state it’s in currently. Depending on the level of damage and wear, you may be able to save your track by simply resurfacing its surface. However, if your track’s problems reach all the way to the asphalt layer, it’s probably time to consider a total reconstruction.

The Science Behind the Perfect Running Track Surface

Hellas’ track maintenance crews can also upgrade your running surface without resurfacing the entire surface, by performing small repair projects. This can include addressing cracks in your track or even filling in small holes. If your track’s drainage system isn’t working properly our maintenance crews can clean out the drain covers, wash away organic material and pressure wash the surface to allow water to flow freely off your track.

If it’s time for a full-on track reconstruction, it’s important to get an estimate from several running track construction companies to compare pricing and product offerings. You’ll also want to know what will happen with your old surface once it is removed from the site. Many tracks are recycled, which benefits both the environment and your budget by reducing raw material usage.

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