Psalm 91:3 – God’s Protection

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Whether sung psalm 91 in the grandest cathedral or whispered in private prayer, psalm 91 has been a source of comfort and strength for believers through the ages. The enduring appeal of this psalm lies in its timeless message of God’s eternal care and protection for those who intimately seek Him.

Although it is unknown who wrote this psalm, it expresses a confidence that when people trust in God they will find shelter and security. The psalm begins with a description of God as a fortress, a refuge and a high tower. It goes on to describe a variety of dangers and how God protects us against them. These include enemies, sicknesses, animals and even natural disasters. The psalmist also describes God as a mother bird that covers its young with its feathers and wings to keep them safe.

Finding Sanctuary: Exploring the Comforting Words of Psalm 91

God promises to deliver His people from the traps that are set for them, just as a fowler catches birds in his net. Whether it is at night or during the day, God will prevent and break these snares, psalm 91:3. He will not let any enemy succeed in destroying the believer; and he will keep him from harm if it is for their good.

These verses are a comprehensive elucidation of divine protection. However, there is one key point that believers must understand: God’s protection does not mean invincibility. People still suffer from a wide range of trials and calamities, including the loss of loved ones and death. Often, they are the victims of cruel governments and terrorist attacks.

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