Psalm 91 Explained Verse by Verse

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psalm 91 explained verse by verse is a beautiful and profound passage of Scripture that delves into the concept of divine protection. It is a trenchant exemplar of God’s unwavering care and protection for His children, offering believers a sense of security in the midst of life’s uncertainties.

In this psalm the Lord is compared to a strong fortress, a refuge, a high tower in whose shadow one can hide from those who seek to harm us. The psalmist also compares the Lord to a mother bird who covers her young with the feathers of her wings. The promise of safety, rescue, and deliverance is for those who dwell in the secret place of the Most High and cling to Him, putting all their trust in Him and staying connected with Him day after day.

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The psalmist begins by calling upon those who trust in the Lord to recite this psalm and to bind themselves by its teachings. This call for wholehearted faith and steadfastness is an important theme throughout the psalm.

The authorship of this psalm is a matter of debate, with some scholars citing Moses and others attributing it to David or the anonymous temple composers. However, it is universally recognized as a psalm of protection and comfort. It is recited at Jewish funerals as part of the Torah scroll reading and in Christian churches as part of the liturgy of Compline, on the eve of Sundays and Solemnities. In addition, it is recited seven times at every burial.

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