Online Breathwork Training Programs

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Breathwork training is a valuable tool for coaches, teachers and healers to offer their clients. Sustained breathwork removes carbon dioxide from the blood, shifting blood pH to a more alkaline state and increases the autonomic nervous system’s release of the anti-inflammatory hormone epinephrine. This helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels and create a sense of groundedness, self-love and compassion.

Who benefits from breathwork?

It’s important to find a quality online Breathwork training program that offers both a strong theoretical and practical understanding of functional breathing from a holistic and accessible perspective. You also want to make sure you’re learning from a qualified instructor so that you’re not potentially doing damage to your body by practicing improper techniques that could cause hyperventilation or even worse.

Yoga International offers an online program that teaches all you need to know about Pranayama, which combines ancient and modern breathwork practices for deep relaxation and healing. It’s a go-at-your-own-pace course, but they recommend sticking to a weekly learning schedule. Check this out :

The program teaches a range of techniques that help to reduce stress and increase yoga performance. It also offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes breathing exercises for trauma relief, breathwork for anxiety and depression and mindfulness for improved relationships.

This breathwork training is a 2-year program that explores all aspects of breathwork including its spiritual, energetic and psychotherapeutic dimensions. It is trauma-informed and offers a variety of different techniques for breathwork facilitation and is Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Approved.

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