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About IPQualityScore Reviews & IPQS Testimonials

IP Quality Score is an anti-fraud service that offers a range of tools designed to identify users and transactions with a high risk of fraud. This includes proxy/VPN detection, device fingerprinting, email verification and more. This information is then used to filter out abusive users and fraudulent transactions in real time before they cause damage to businesses online. Source: IPQualityScore.com customer reviews

Success Stories with IPQualityScore

The service uses a combination of data sources, including ISPs, non-profits like ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers) and risk reports from their own honeypot threat network to create its reputation scores. This enables IPQS to quickly identify users and devices with a low reputation, such as those connected via a spoofed proxy, shady VPN services or those that have been compromised by botnets. This makes the system a popular choice amongst companies that need to protect themselves from cyber threats without interfering with user experience.

The software has a wide range of payment plans to suit different types of business, and there is also a free plan available for those who want to try the basics before investing in this powerful fraud prevention tool. Depending on the plan chosen, the software can save businesses a great deal of money by cutting down on chargebacks, reversals and fake user accounts. In addition, it can help prevent click fraud and other issues that lead to lost revenue. It can be accessed via a JavaScript tag or backend API, and the entire process of scanning users can be automated to make it even easier for businesses to use the software.

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