Identifying Japanese Knotweed

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Identifying Japanese Knotweed

If you’re unsure of what kind of plant you’re looking at, try to Identifying Japanese Knotweed by its leaves. These heart-shaped plants often have a pointed tip and are erect, and their stems grow several metres underground. These plant rhizomes are a great way to spot this plant, as they can spread through disturbed soil and spread to other areas. These plants have dozens of leaflets, which can be up to 120mm long.

How to Know About Identifying Japanese Knotweed

The leaves of the Japanese knotweed are small, rounded, and shovel-shaped, and they have a point at the tip. The stems of this plant grow in staggered clusters. The leaves of the plant are green, with a dark orange center. Its young shoots are quite distinctive, but many other plants produce similar-looking shoots. The red colour comes from protective pigments called anthocyanins, which give the plants their red color. Its flowers are small, and appear in early fall.

To identify Japanese knotweed, start by determining the season. The plant will grow in bloom in the fall, from late August to early September. Unlike other species, its flowers appear in clumps of 10cm and are surrounded by bright green leaves. The clumps of flowers are often grouped near the stem of the plant, and they combine with the bright green leaves to create a large, vibrant vegetative mass.

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