Hallway Recessed Door Mat

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hallway recessed door mat

Hallway recessed door mat  offers a sleek, stylish way to welcome guests into your commercial space. They are a practical addition to high traffic areas, as they trap dirt and moisture at the door, reducing the risk of slips and falls. With regular cleaning, these mats can help you maintain your business’ cleanliness, customer satisfaction and safety standards.

Designed to sit flush with the floor surface, these mats fit into a sunken mat well offering a safe and attractive walking surface. They are ideal for busy lobbies, as they can be easily vacuumed or swept to keep them clean and free from debris. Some are even able to undergo a deep clean, making them a great option for healthcare facilities.

Seamless Entry: The Appeal and Precision of Fitted Door Mats

The most popular form of recessed entrance mat is the Premier Matwell range, which has an aluminum frame available in a choice of finishes and a selection of sizes to suit your premises. These are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can be customised to accommodate a number of different types of door thresholds, carpet bars and mats.

Another style of recessed mat is the Single 9 or Single 13 coir matting, which is a great option for more rustic interiors. Made from the husk of a coconut, these natural fibre mats are highly durable and hard wearing. They can be trimmed onsite with a utility knife to fit your space and are a great choice for schools, hospitals, retail businesses and offices.

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