A Kettlebell Ab Workout

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kettlebell ab workout

A kettlebell ab workout is an excellent way to work your core, while also targeting the shoulders and arms. This workout is a good alternative to traditional crunches and will have you feeling the burn with every rep.

Begin by standing feet shoulder width apart and holding the kettlebell off the ground. Keep your hands at your sides, palms up and torso almost parallel to the floor. Then, slowly and controlled, swing the kettlebell up above your head until it is over your head, then back down through your legs to start again. Keep your arms straight throughout the movement to avoid putting strain on your shoulder and neck. Perform this exercise for a total of 12 reps. This link kettlebell ab workout – strongandfit.com

This is a great kettlebell ab exercise that targets the obliques and can help you lose those love handles. Begin in a high plank position with one kettlebell in the right hand (if you have trouble with high plank then start with a lower weight and just drag the bell from side to side) and your left arm straight up toward your chest. Engage your core and make sure your hips are tight so you can control the movement, then move the kettlebell to the left of your body and then to the right (one rep is completed when you reach the opposite side).

Sculpt Your Core: Effective Kettlebell Ab Workouts for a Stronger Midsection

A more advanced kettlebell ab exercise that uses a long lever to work both the shoulders and the abs. Start by lying flat on the mat with the kettlebell in both hands at your chest (you can bend your knees or keep them straight depending on the level of challenge) and then sit up as if doing a standard sit up but keeping the kettlebell in your hands.

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