How Spray Foam Insulation Is Used to Make Homes More Energy Efficient

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Spray foam insulation is a petroleum based, toxic chemical concoction that is sprayed into walls. It is used to make homes more energy efficient by creating an effective air and vapor barrier.

What is spray foam called?

The two chemicals used to make spray foam (isocyanate and polyol resin) are kept in separate hoppers until they meet at the tip of a special gun. They then react to each other and form a foam. It’s this reaction that makes spray foam a more effective and affordable insulator than traditional batt insulation.

When properly installed, it also offers many benefits for homeowners including a reduction in heating and cooling costs. The foam also helps to prevent moisture damage, rot and insect infestation. Additionally, it reduces sound transfer from room to room.

During installation, crews will remove any existing insulation in the area to be insulated. They will then clean the walls to prepare for application of spray foam. They will use a hose to spray the foam into any gaps or holes where air can leak in. This may include basement rim joist, crawl spaces, overhangs and knee walls in an existing home as well as bare walls in new construction or pole barns.

Once the spray foam dries, it creates an effective air and vapor barrier. However, it does not stop the flow of water vapor from the outside to the inside of the home. This is why it’s critical to keep a proper moisture barrier in place.


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