Athletes’ Recovery Legs Boots

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For athletes who prioritize recovery leg boots as part of their training regimen, a pair of compression boots can feel like a game-changer. Designed to boost circulation and flush out metabolic waste in the legs, they’re also great for reducing swelling post-workout. Originally used to treat conditions such as lymphedema, DVT, and PE (pulmonary embolism), these devices use intermittent pneumatic compression to increase blood flow.

Proponents say the devices decrease soreness, speed up recovery, and offer a soothing experience. Plus, they can help return oxygenated blood back to the leg muscles after a hard workout—which is why they’re a staple at gyms and physical therapy offices.

Step Up Your Recovery Game with Leg Boots

If you’re interested in purchasing a pair, be sure to look for a model with multiple compression levels and options to target specific zones. For instance, the new NormaTec 3s have seven different settings that include foot, calf, and thigh treatments. Plus, a retooled control panel makes them easier to operate on the go and offers a three-hour battery life.

Therabody is the king of the boot market and their latest Gen 1 design is a clear winner. Featuring smart, hygienic overlapping internal chambers and a host of features including isolation mode, customized time setting, and pressure and zone settings they’re one of the best options available.

These dual-leg compression boots have earned the MVP seal of approval from LeBron James, who took them on the road after finding they made his legs feel better. You can use the integrated app to personalize a treatment session that includes a specified duration, cycle speed, and preferred zone. It even tracks your performance to allow you to see the correlation between your recovery efforts and your on-field output.

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