Artwork Requirements For Custom Felt Patches

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custom felt patches

Custom felt patches add a soft plush brand badge look to your clothes, hats, backpacks and more. They are easily customized and available in any shape, size, color and material you need. You can even choose from a wide range of premium thread options to make your patch as fancy or wacky as you want.

Artwork requirements for felt patches

When choosing artwork for your custom felt patch, the most important consideration is to ensure that your design will be visible on the patch’s final product. It is also necessary to create a contiguous patch, with all the pieces of your design connecting. This is a simple step that can be achieved by adding a background color to your artwork file, or simply stroking the exterior of your patch with the border you would like to see on your finished patch.

You can also customize the size of your patch, which is a great choice for creating unique logos and designs. We offer a wide variety of patch sizes, including circle, square, rectangle, and badge-style patches. Depending on the patch size you choose, we may recommend changing your artwork to fit the new size or altering its shape to better match the shape of the patch.

You can also select the type of backing you’d like to use to secure your patch. There are 10 different backing options, and each one is tailored to a specific use case. Choose an iron-on backing that attaches to a variety of fabrics when ironed, a velcro hook backing sewn on the patch, or a thin plastic backing that adds structure to your patch.

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