What is an ASP2?

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ASP2 is a type of electrical scheme used in Sydney. A level 2 ASP is a licensed professional that can connect residential and commercial dwellings to the electricity grid. This is important in major electrical projects.

How do I become a Level 2 electrician NSW?

A level 2 electrician is a competent tradesman that can install and repair various electrical appliances and equipment. They are authorised to connect low and medium-voltage wires and to install electrical fittings up to 1000 volts.

There are three different certification levels for electricians. Level 1 ASP is restricted to low voltage work, and Level 3 ASP can only design and maintain distribution network assets.

Level 2 ASP can also install a service active link. This is an underground service line that can be reconnected at a connection point.

Level 2 electricians also have higher voltage training. A Level 2 electrician can install electrical fittings up to 1000 volts. These professionals can also install protective devices, install network service equipment, and replace neutral wiring.

A Level 2 electrician is also authorised to upgrade and disconnect customers from the electrical network. They can also meter customers.

A Level 2 ASP can also provide temporary power for building renovations. This service can last for a few months or a year. It is important to have an ASP service if you want your job to be done safely.

A Level 2 ASP will also be able to identify the most efficient solutions for your electrical needs. If you are in need of a Level 2 ASP, look no further than IZCO Electrical. You can reach IZCO Electrical by calling 0470 123 811 or checking their website.

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