Web Development

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web development

Web development is the process of creating, building, and maintaining websites. It involves technical elements like coding and programming, but also more creative aspects like user experience (UX) and design. If you’re interested in becoming a web developer, learning more about the field can help you decide if it’s the right career path for you.

Before any coding takes place, a web development team will meet with clients to assess what kind of website they need. This will include an investigation into the site’s goals, what information it needs to contain, and how visitors are expected to use it. This is called planning and it’s a crucial part of web development.

After the planning phase, a web development team will begin to build out the website’s structure. This includes defining layouts, organizing content, and designing a visual aesthetic for the site. During this stage, a web development team will work with existing client logos and color schemes, or they’ll come up with original designs for the site. Either way, the end goal is to create a final design for the website that the client approves of and can then be coded into a working website.

Once the front-end and back-end of a website are built, it’s time to start testing! This involves using different browsers and devices to see how the website will look and feel on a range of platforms. A successful test means that the new site is ready to go live!

There are many different programming languages that can be used in web development. Some of the most popular are HTML and CSS. The latter is a style sheet language that allows developers to add different styling elements to their webpages, such as font sizes and colors. It’s often used in combination with other coding languages, such as Java or PHP.

The soft skills that are important for web development are communication, organization, and time management. Communication is key in order to effectively collaborate with a team on project timelines and expectations. It’s also necessary for communicating with a wide range of stakeholders and ensuring that all parties understand their role in the project. Time management is a critical skill for web development because it’s essential to meeting deadlines and budgets.

If you’re interested in learning about the world of web development, enrolling in a bootcamp or coding program can be a great way to learn how to code and put your knowledge into practice. A good web development program will arm you with the tools and confidence to succeed in this fast-paced and rewarding career path. Get started on your journey to becoming a web developer with an online coding bootcamp from OpenClassrooms. Classes start the 1st of every month, all year long!