Nebraska Warehouses – A Tapestry of Goods That Shape Industries Near and Far

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Amid a backdrop of flatlands and prairies, Nebraska’s manufacturing prowess has carved out its own unique niche, producing a tapestry of goods that shape industries near and far. From tractors and farm machinery to electrical components and appliances, our state’s industrial legacy is an invaluable asset that continues to leave its mark on the American landscape.

Nebraska’s position as a nebraska warehouse hub dates back to our country’s westward expansion. The Great Platte River Road, the Oregon Trail, the Mormon and Pony Express routes all converged in the state. That heritage is still evident today in the state’s highway, rail and air systems.

The state’s major railroad, the Union Pacific (UP), has a large rail yard in Omaha, and its freight traffic spans 32,000 route miles. It provides access to every western port, with connections to the eastern seaboard via Chicago and St. Louis.

Navigating the Nebraska Warehouse Scene: Finding the Right Fit

Ford Storage & Moving Company, which operates warehouses in Omaha and La Vista, Nebraska, offers public and contract warehousing, truckload transportation and intermodal drayage as well as logistics consulting services. It serves a variety of industries, including mixed commodities, food grade products and animal health.

The state’s workforce is also a draw. Nebraska is a leader in logistics education, with programs at high schools and community colleges. For example, McMillan Middle School in Omaha, a magnet school that focuses on mathematics, engineering and communications arts, offers a four-year TDWL sequence designed to prepare students for careers in truck driving, diesel engine repair, transportation sales and supply chain management.

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