Is it legal to use custom essay writing services?

Custom essays are assignments in any shape or form that is created specifically to help children complete some of their most cumbersome tasks. They can be Term papers, research papers, bibliographies, dissertations, book reports and much more. Students use custom essays services mainly because of lack of time on their part. Since life has gotten busier in modern times, students find it difficult to juggle all of their professor’s assignments with their daily routines and occupations. To them, these services come as a blessing because they let students delegate part of their work so that they can concentrate on what really matters to them.

Recently, however there has been uproar in many educational institutions as to whether these services should be allowed, if they are legal, and if they are causing any harm to students in any way. Professors argue that these custom essays are simply plagiarized papers form a specific database and those students who use these services deprive themselves of the knowledge they need. However, in truth, all of this is untrue!

While there may be second rate custom essay writing services who offer mediocre work such as plagiarized essays, but Our team does not. We realize that plagiarism is a serious academic fraud and we refrain from plagiarism in any and all means. Our work is always 100 percent genuine and original. Our team is not simply the best at essay writing, they in fact have a large skill set and deep knowledge of many academic subjects which allow them to write genuine articles on any topic assigned to them.

According to the United States of America’s copyright law, since Our team never copies its essay content from any database and instead generates its own unique content, Our team has legal authority over all of its generated custom essays. Since the essays are then licensed to paying customers for use, the customers become the legal owners of the content and have full access to it, effectively making it their own. Furthermore, as of 2009, not a single custom essay company has been legally prosecuted for engaging in these transactions.

There is no doubt that many of the assignments handed to students are not worth their time. They may be side tasks, extra revision, useless in practical life or just plain out of the course syllabi. These assignments are nothing more than a waste of time, especially to the busier students who may have part time jobs or families to look after. Custom essays allow them to breathe a sigh of relief. While many institutions look down upon their use completely, many professors allow their use as long as they are not used to cheat and are instead used in a morally, ethically and academically legal way.

While our company does everything on its part to ensure there is no legal issue when ordering and receiving custom essays, the legality of their use truly depends upon students. Our team suggests that students mainly use our services for the purpose of learning. They should put some effort on their part and familiarize themselves with the content of their custom essay so that they may fully understand and comprehend it before submitting it. It is recommended that students use our services so as to allow them room to focus on their core subjects. Once again, these are merely suggestions. What you choose to do with your custom essay is completely up to you.

Our services are offered to help students with their assignments and to provide them with professional style work models. You can rest assure our methods of creating essays is 100% legal.