Glass Scratch Repair

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If your glass is scuffed, a little work can help smooth things out. Home remedies work best on shallow scratches, while deeper etchings or gouges may need professional attention. To test whether your scratches are shallow enough for a do-it-yourself fix, try to fit your fingernail into the scratch. If you can’t, the scratch is too deep for do-it-yourself glass repair and replacement is your only option.

Are glass scratches permanent?

The first step is to clean the glass so you don’t introduce extra dirt into the scratches. Then, dab a small amount of toothpaste on a damp, lint-free cloth and rub the area in circles. Check your progress and wipe away the toothpaste as needed. Repeat as necessary until the scratch is gone.

To remove a deeper scratch, you’ll need a commercial product intended for polishing metals like cerium oxide or jeweler’s rouge. Apply the compound to an orbital sander or buffing wheel on a cordless drill. Be sure to use a new pad as worn ones will introduce more scratches as they cut the glass surface. Buff the surface while continually applying a trickle of water from a sponge to keep the polish moist. When you’re done, clean the glass with a soft brush and liquid dish soap. Link :

Alternatively, you can buy a clear nail polish that has potent ingredients to diminish flaws on surfaces such as glass. After thoroughly cleaning the glass, apply a thin layer of the polish with the polish applicator brush. Allow the polish to dry for a couple hours before wiping off any remaining residue with a clean, damp cloth dipped in nail polish remover.

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