Commercial Electric Gates

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Commercial electric gates are sophisticated barriers that enhance security and streamline access, transforming properties into a secure environment for occupants and visitors. The gate systems are designed with mechanisms that must be precise and well-maintained to guarantee efficiency, safety, and operational longevity.

The gate can be controlled with a standalone device (type A) or a programmable system. The programmable system consists of a gate controller located by each gate that is wired for data communications with a system hardware, computer or optional modem. The computer allows management to control users’ access levels by day of the week, holidays and hierarchy.

Exploring Commercial Electric Gates: Streamlining Access and Security

When determining the best option for your business, consider your property’s specific security requirements and physical limitations. Commercial gates are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your property’s layout, adding aesthetic appeal to the property as well as security. They can also be equipped with CCTV cameras to monitor authorised personnel and vehicle movements, helping businesses prevent unauthorized access to property and assets.

When installing a commercial electric gate, ensure the electrical components are properly insulated and grounded. Follow all safety protocols, including ensuring the gate is equipped with entrapment protection devices and that all mechanical parts are working correctly. Promptly address any problems with your commercial gate to reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns and maintain optimum performance.

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