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Owning a boat can be a fun way to spend time with family and friends. It can also introduce you to people you would not have met otherwise. It can even become a social hub for your community, especially if you join an online forum or group of local boaters.Read more:

Getting to know other boat owners can be a great way to get tips and advice, or even go out together on your boats! Being friendly on the water is important, as is maintaining a reasonable level of noise as you go through coves and other areas where boats may be anchored.

Navigating the Waters: Essential Maintenance Tips Every Boat Owner Should Know

A few of the best blogs for boat owners include Sailing Anarchy (which has a blog, forums and store) and Tula’s Endless Summer (which is a blog and Youtube channel that follows a family living and traveling on a sailboat). Sailing Anarchy is known for their educational content and sailing tips while Tula’s videos focus more on the fun adventures they have with their children.

Other boating blogs worth checking out are the Southern Boating Magazine and Blog, which publish stories about boating in the Southeastern US, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean. They often feature how-to, engine maintenance, travel destination and product review articles. They accept pitch emails that include your background, writing experience and relevant boating experience. Pay is around $300 to $650 for most articles.

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